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"The premiere valet and parking management company in California."

We don’t do restaurants. No hotels. Just car dealerships looking for a better way to do business.

Our management team has stood in your shoes. With 20 years of dealership experience, we understand the complexity of delivering a consistent customer experience across staff and over time. Dealer Solution Service is dedicated to the unique staffing needs of premier automobile dealers Period. We manage hundreds of trained professionals in dealerships across the country, satisfying customers every day.

We staff for a complete customer experience, from customer-facing porters and clerks to behind-the-scenes inventory management and parts runners. As an extension of your team, Dealer Solution Service delivers a seamless service experience to your customers and has a track record of improved CSI scores to prove it.

We take on the hiring, training and management of service personnel so you can focus on growing your business. And if our employees make a mistake, Dealer Solution Service takes responsibility, backed by a $5 million insurance policy.

Simply put, we provide dealerships with a better way to manage staff, deliver service, and do business. Learn More

  • 20+ Years of Dealership Experience
  • Track Record for Increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSI)
  • Manage Hundreds of Trained Professionals Nationally
  • $5,000,000 Insurance Policy
“Partnering with Dealer Solution Service really frees me up to do the things that are important to growing my business.”
Service Director, Lexus Santa Monica